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Oct. 21, 2022

Aerospace Valley Air Show at Edwards Air Force Base

Aerospace Valley Air Show at Edwards Air Force Base

The line to get from North Gate to Parking is about 1 1/2 hours.


Despite this, it's an extremely rare privilege to be on Rogers Dry Lake Bed. 


Almost there...


You will board buses which will ferry you to the flightline and the Air Show after parking. 


A severe lack of restrooms at parking and at the bus loading zone caused many people to walk out into the desert and answer natures call. Hopefully Edwards will fix this next year. 


Despite the long lines, buses were consistently loading and ferrying back and forth. If you walk farther down the apron, you'll find much shorter lines for buses. 


Tuskegee Airman Lt. Bob Friend's (R.I.P.) P51-D Mustang


View of the STEM Expo in bldg 1600 and a C-47 Cargo Plane to the left and a F-16 to the right. 


Classic, politically incorrect, WWII Humor at it's finest. 


B-25 Mitchell Bomber (of Doolittle Raid Fame)


Top Gun: Maverick's Dark Star




Golden Knights Performing while the National Anthem Plays. 


Overview of part of the Static Display Area


Air to Air Refueling Demonstration


Up close to a Surveillance Drone


Surveillance Drone Camera



Even Gotham City Police come to the Aerospace Valley Air Show!





Even Darth Vader and the Empire attends the Aerospace Valley Air Show! Shouldn't you be here next year???