The One Day in SoCal Podcast!
Sept. 2, 2022

Episode 7 - Catalina Island

Episode 7 - Catalina Island

Last months trip, boarding The Catalina Flyer


Upper Deck of the Catalina Flyer


Overview of Avalon, CA


Lunch at Original Jack's Country Kitchen


Take the side path to the left for a pilgrimage and adventure. 


Journey to the Wrigley Memorial via the Botanical Gardens


Arrival at the Wrigley Memorial after hiking through the Botanical Gardens


Steps up the Wrigley Memorial


Almost there...


Made it to the Wrigley Memorial.


View from the top.


This weeks trip via the Express Jet Cat


The early morning crossing over the channel.


The Casino Point (Dr. Bill Bushing) Dive Park in Avalon, CA.


Brazilian Billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann showing off a few hundred meters off the Dive Park. 


Heading to Lunch after a day of Scuba Diving.


Main boardwalk in Downtown Avalon along the beach. 


El Galleon Restaurant


Irish Nachos at El Galleon


The TAP Burger and Fries at El Galleon


Scoops Ice Cream