The One Day in SoCal Podcast!
March 8, 2023

Episode 25 - Jim Henson Studios VIP Tour

Episode 25 - Jim Henson Studios VIP Tour

I was afforded a fairly rare opportunity to tour the Jim Henson Company Lot in Hollywood, California and have a small audience with the one and only Brian Henson! 

Unlike most movie studios, The Jim Henson Company does not do public tours on a regular basis, so at this 1917 Charlie Chaplin Hollywood original is a rare treat indeed.

Finally, we were treated to a show of the Jim Henson Companies newest sensation, Puppet Up! Uncensored!

Full audience audio with Brian Henson will be at the end of this episode. Enjoy!

*Language Warning: Due to the nature of Puppet Up! Uncensored, some content is adults only.