The One Day in SoCal Podcast!
Sept. 16, 2022

Calico Ghost Town

Calico Ghost Town

The Entrance first thing in the morning before the tourists show up. 



After the tour buses and visitors start arriving. 


Calico Name as seen from the mountains surrounding the town. 



Calico House Restaurant: Table Service and Traditional American Cuisine. 

The Hills surrounding the Town where "Calico" got it's name. 



The Firestation



Humorous Displayboard



Tribute to Walter Knott, Founder of Knott's Berry Farm and the Restored Calico Ghost Town. 



Inside Lanes General Merchandise Store



A view along Main Street



Marshall's Office



Old Miners Cafe


Trail up to the overview point



Calico and Odessa Railroad



Calico and Odessa Railroad


Grab a Miner's Hat and head for Adventure inside Maggies Mine. 



Entrance to the Maggie Mine.



Inside Maggie Mine




Vibes of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom inside the Maggie Mine. 



Upon exiting, you'll climb a set of stairs and be near the viewpoint. 



There are still a lot of old, UNSAFE mines around Calico. Never venture into them. 



View from the Overview of Calico



Bridge to the Old Schoolhouse